Saturday, 7 September 2013

Generation 1, Part 1

Bridgeport; SimNation's home for all things entertainment. Where normal people from nearly everywhere go to become anything from models to movie stars, whether they have talent or not.

 This taxi is carrying another victim of this, someone who was born into an easy life that he just didn't want to accept.
As the taxi reached the destination, the man paid the taxi driver his fee and left the vehicle to drive off into the distance.
 The man started walking down a path he was familiar with, even though he had never been here before.
 His clothes suggested a man of high wealth, and while this was the case. He didn't want it to be. He hated the idea of being a rich snob, even though he was one. Thats what he came here to change.
 This man is Martin Swick; thought to be heir of "The Swick Furnishings Co."
 He stopped and stared at what was in front of him, a small home he had carefully designed back in Sunset Valley, on one of his last days there.
 "Its even better than I expected!" he spoke, under his breath. He had paid some builders a few weeks ago to build his model home. He was no architect or designer by any stretch of the imagination, but he knew what he liked, even if others didn't understand why he liked it.
 Excitedly, he dashed over to his new home, he couldn't wait to see the interior.
 He walked into his house for the first time, carefully checking everything was how he wanted it. (Not that he could change it now, but it kept his mind to rest)

 He stared into the first room, the main room. It was a cross between the living room and the kitchen, he didn't have much of a budget to work with so he kept everything compact, he definitely liked it.
 "Just look at that view, breathtaking!" He had picked this lot specifically for the view of bridgeport, the buildings, the lights, he knew he belonged here.
 There were two doors, a red one and a white one. While Martin may not have been here before, the layout came natural to him as he spent several nights on mapping out all the rooms and ordering all the furniture, making sure not to order anything from his parents company, even if that would have been easier.
 He had walked into the bedroom. After the noise of some opening drawers and sighed out "Ahhh... finally!"
 He had gotten changed. While at his parents house in Sunset Valley, they did everything for him, everyday they picked out what he should wear and it was always something dark and uncomfortable, they practically force dressed him. For Martin, wearing something like this was a simple pleasure.
 He started to reflect back to what caused this day, the inevitable day where Martin would leave for good. Ever since he was young, Martin wanted to be an actor, his favourite things to do was to perform and watch movies, its all he ever did. His parents controlled most aspects of his life and from day one they wanted him to take over their business.
 His life was so easy back in Sunset Valley, but he needed to get away and do things for himself, whether it was a good idea or not, he had to. His parents didn't agree, and didn't give him a penny for it, they practically disowned him, but nothing was ever going to stop him.
 But now, how to start. Going over to the film studio would probably be the place, hopefully he was ready to audition, he couldn't stand being rejected from his dream job.

 He had arrived. "Plumbob Pictures", he had dreamed of this day, going in and acting his heart out. In all his dreams they would be so amazed that they instantly made Martin a superstar, he would be put in all the lead roles and finally get the life he had dreamed about. But, Martin knew that that wouldn't happen, this is the real world (but he still kept optimistic).
He hesitated opening the door and thought for a second, what if they didn't like him? He couldn't stand that type of rejection, after all that he's done so far it would be a waste. There's a million people out there wanting to get a job here, what makes him so sure he'll get it? He closed his eyes and burst through the door thinking "I'll never know if I don't try!"
 There was a panel of strict looking people staring at him, judging his every action. He was to told to read from a fragment of a script from one of their next film projects. During the scene they were constantly writing on clipboards and studying his performance carefully. After it all they had a short discussion and the most professional looking person their said "You're not brilliant, but you've got potential!" and signed him up to be an extra in their upcoming sci-fi book adaptation "GPod". It paid very little but at least he was getting started.
 While he was here he thought he might as well check out the sets. He wasn't really allowed but there wasn't anyone stopping him, so...
 He spent ages just looking around observing the sets. Some he recognized and some where new to him. Like this spaceship which was obviously part of the "GPod" set.
 The next stop is Bridgeport's art gallery. While Martin wasn't particularly into art he could spend hours in the gallery at Sunset Valley and wanted to see how a richer gallery would compare.
 Despite his best efforts to disguise it, Martin is and will always be a bit of a snob, always doing things considered high class when he has little interest in them and thinking he's better than everyone else. If you asked him what this piece was called he wouldn't have any trace of a clue but he will still stand their critiquing it.
 After that, he headed over to the bar, it wasn't very high standard but ut was just for quick breaks from the art.
 He stared at the waitress and made gestures for her to come over. He then started blabbering on about how art had gotten worse over the years and how its lost all "artistic expression" or something similar. The mixologist had no clue what he was talking about and honestly, neither did he.
 "...So the trends in art reside in the matter of what the era was and how it reflected with times then. Now, as art becomes less popular it is all about what will get the most attention, as such..."
 "...As a rather educated person, I can tell you that life has no purpose despite the goals set by ourselves in the state of things and..."
 He might as well be talking in another language to her, she gets a lot of customers in the gallery like thi, pretending to be all big just to impress someone, anyone. She usually pretends to listen and hopes they stop but this had gone on long enough and no one was enjoying it.
 "Sir, stop with the pretentious bullcrap. Are you going to order something or what!"
 "Umm... Yes... I'll have a... Cherry Casanova?"
"Thank you, sir!"
 The mixer wasn't the greatest by any means but she knew how to mix.
 She shook and stirred until she poured out a bright, pink substance.
 After a while, it settled down into a more translucent form, that looked many times more drinkable.
 He paid the mixer, and took his first sip. It was quite strong but, oh, did it taste good!
 Though it did leave him with a strange feeling inside.
 Now this was a piece he knew...
 "Yes! The 'Kindness Of Death' right in front of my eyes, I didn't even know they had this!"
 He'd never seen it in person before, but always held it as one of his favourites.
 "You seem pretty excited for a picture, don't you!"
 Martin was always considered an irresistible ladies man, he'd only fell in "love" once but after the engagement things kind of fell apart, he always says it was because they moved too fast but really she just realised one day he was a total dick!
 "Why yes! Its because this is one of my favourite pieces. I find it quite beautiful..."
 "...Kinda like your smokin' bodaaay!"
 "NOW! You listen here you creep! I am trying to be friendly, i'm trying to look around peacefully and I don't need creeps like you hitting on me 24/7!"
 This is why Martin should never drink, especially things called 'Casanovas'
 Humiliated, Martin goes downstairs to use the restroom before he leaves, its past 4AM!
 While entering, he hears a voice inside, both angry and sad.
 "...I should have listened to them, 'A CHEF!', really? How foolish was I?"
 "Oh! Sorry about that. I'm Barry Tenderlove"
 "Names Martin Swick! Listen, why where you sulking in the corner just then?"
 "I left my home in riverview to become a famous chef. Changed my name from Patrick Inferno to Barry Tenderlove. I got a job in a local restaurant and I hoped I would soon get higher up, its been two years and i'm still worker as an order taker in a drive thru. I'm wondering whether or not I should just head home."
 "Why don't you just go to another restaurant, and show them your skills in the kitchen. The best way to move up may be by showing them what you can do."
 "Yeah well... I'm sort of... Not very good in the kitchen."
 "Well then sir, Thats your problem. Get better at cooking, then show them what you can do."
 "You know what maybe I will do that, thanks!"
"No problem, it takes a smart man to state the obvious! Now, if you excuse me. I was kinda going somewhere"

 At 6AM, Martin heads home, dazed and confused and definitely not ready for work this afternoon.
 The taxi arrives at the dead end where his house is placed. He starts to pay the driver.
 He ran over to his house. Absolutely shattered and ready for a morning snooze.
 "Wait a minute! Was that someone in my window?"
 "Hello... Is anyone in there?"
The alerted thief turned and headed for the door, that was in Martins direction.

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